Tuesday, 12 June 2018

I'm happy because he is happy

And all that is matters.
Today we had a good day. Been to the park in the morning,out for a walk on his trike after lunch ,playing with the sand in the garden after that and a little run around with the neighbour girl in the evening.
He had a really good time and laughing a lot so I was laughing with him.
But in reality today I was a mess. Full of worries. Tired. Worried because we will probably have to change his nursery.  This one not gonna be as good as his current one but it's local,not 15 minutes drive away. And he just got use this one. I cried,his dad cried. But we have no choice.
I'm tired because in the past couple of weeks he's been up at 4am,wanting the boob. For 5 minutes. 10 minutes later he wants it again. And so on. But I cope. For him. For us. 
Both his dad and me having a stressful time at work so that's not making it easier. .
Sometimes in the morning before work I wonder how I'm gonna make through another day. But I do. Considering quitting every day. But can't afford it. I should say life sucks and it does sometimes but I'm a grown up woman,I dealt with more difficult situations before.
Just have to take on day at a time. 

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